There is no absolute guarantee in getting a bear. While we will do our very best and run multiple sites months in advance, watching feed patterns, bear sightings, typical behaviors etc. There just isn’t a 100% rate that can be guaranteed. What we do promise is an active site that bears are known to be visiting and are in the area. We will sit you in the most promising location of these sites. As for that big boy, the most commonly harvested size is the juvenile 180 lbs to 250 lbs range. Black bears in Nova Scotia can reach sizes upwards of 500 lbs but they get that way for a reason! They are smart and avoid sites or only come at night. So of course it’s possible and we see them from time to time but any harvest is a successful hunt filled with stories and excitement.

When you arrive it is important that you have a valid piece of government ID and an up to date hunting license for your province or state. You do not need a license for a bow however you do require the equivalent of a Possession Acquisition License (PAL) firearms license if you wish to use a non restricted firearm. Your habitat stamp and tags will be provided by us once you get here.

NO!!! Restricted firearms are prohibited to hunt with and concealed weapons are illegal in Canada.

Bring what you are going to be comfortable hunting with. Keep in mind that you are harvesting a large animal from a distance of 30 to 40 yards. The required draw strength for bear and deer is 40 lbs. You are also permitted crossbows in Nova Scotia.